Effective study tips for students

• Record your lessons

Revision is the most crucial school hacks for an effective study, but it is considered to be the most boring task. You can try using your recording device to record your own lessons once you have finished studying. One can use their phone or iPod for it. This way you will revise your lessons anytime you want to jug your memory. This will make your revision session interesting which is indeed a boring task.

Moreover, this will save your time and you can listen at faster or slower rate. The best time to do revision is on the same day. This will help you to retain at least 60% of what you have studied. You can also share it with your friends who don’t have study material and needs lessons for the upcoming exam.

• Study in group

Depending on the atmosphere, study groups can help the student to grow or pull down. However, there are many life hacks for studying in groups rather than studying alone.

Studying in groups helps the students to get rid of procrastination because a student has to be present at the specific time and complete the course with others.

Working together helps the students to learn faster than the students learning alone. For instance, the part which is confusing to one student can be interesting and clear to another student. Instead of wasting time puzzling over the difficulty, you can learn simply by asking the question.

In the addition, studying in groups helps to look at the things with new perspectives, which is never taught back to school, will help them to learn thing fastly. You will listen and ask new questions and you will start noticing the wide variety of point of views.

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