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EUR Pallet Trolley can be a Wonderful Medium

The EUR pallet flatbed cart comes for 1200X800 mm pallets and this can be very useful for transporting heavy goods from one place to the other. These come equipped with the wire release tow bar and handle bar that helps to easily maneuver these carts. Moreover, for the movement of heavy materials and goods these can be perfect and useful so that many goods can be easily shifted with maximum ease. These are feature-rich carts and some of the features worth mentioning are discussed here.

• Wide dimension with weight option – These tugger carts can also be used for Volvo pallets of 1225X820 mm and can carry up to 1200 lbs of weight. These are also fitted with four casters in which two casters are fitted and fixed at the center of the cart whereas the remaining two caster wheels are located on the shorter ends of the cart to facilitate for ease of movement. It also has a floor lock brake to enhance the safety of the cart. These carts can be very useful where large materials have to be moved with ease so that there is convenience to the user.
• Awesome connecting and disconnecting features – This type of tugger cart can be released easily due to the coupling function using the hitch in which it can be easily disconnected by pulling lever on handle bar. The tow bar gets disconnected from the cart at front and hence an operator need not bend down and manually do the same. The ergonomics of the operator is greatly enhanced and at the same instant, a lot of timer can also be saved in the process. By using this feature, a large number of carts can be effectively moved from one place to another.
These features can be useful for a large number of industries and hence these carts are used at many places.click here to get more information industrial flatbed carts.

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