How Do Penis Really Extenders Work?

A penis extender device is a small piece of equipment which, when it is fitted on your penis, applies a small traction force. This device should be used several hours every day for a number of months.

During the period when it is used, the traction force should be increased progressively. When this device is placed on the penis, it forces the region to grow new cells, thus expanding your penis in size and volume. The penis stretcher device applies pressure to the penis through some adjustable, calibrated metallic bars which are placed between anatomically curved bases that fit perfectly at the base and the tip of the penis.

The device also contains a surgical-grade band that slips off the head of the penis. The best thing about this device is that it is very discreet, so no one will know that you are wearing it. It can be worn under the clothes and it can also be worn when you sleep. You can obtain the device online or from your practitioner. Learn more at

This device also has a surgical-grade band that slips off the head of the penis.

How do Penis Enhancement Devices work?

• The device is a plastic ring that is placed around the base of the penis and a holder which is made out of silicone that is placed around the head of the penis.
• Between these two, there are two metallic bars which apply tension to the penis. The tension is controlled by the person who wears the device.
• These devices are based on the common principle that if a constant pressure is applied to the penis this improves the capacity of reaction of the tissues and it causes cell multiplication, thus increasing the size and the girth of the penis.
• The stretching opens up spaces between the penile cells.
• This also triggers a natural healing response of the body in which adjacent cells begin to divide and to fill in the empty spaces.
• If this device is used for a longer time, it will definitely add significant size to the length and the girth of the penis.

How long should I wear a device daily?

It is recommended to wear it up to 8 hours a day. Although it may be uncomfortable at the beginning, you’ll get accustomed to it soon, and you’ll wear it even underneath your pants.
Do I have to be of a certain size to wear devices?
No! The devices are extendable and anyone can wear them, depending on their penis size.

How effective are they?

Their effectiveness has been tested by the medical community, until recently being available only under medical supervision. Now you can find them on the open market at your disposal to use them. Try it and you will notice a significant gain in your penis size. Excellent and faster results have been observed when used in combination with an enlargement exercise program.

How does a penis extender device work?

The common principle they are based on is that applying a constant traction force to the penis improves the reaction capacity of the tissues, causes cells multiplication, increasing penis size and girth.These programs are developed by urologists with a vast experience in this domain. They appeal to human body natural capacity of multiplying cells under physical pressure.

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