How to Differentiate Between Replica Watches and Original Watches?

Majority of the people worldwide favor buying designer watches that are very expensive and that are characterized by unbeatable quality and superb performance. They are manufactured and created with accuracy and precision.

However, not all brand manufacturers qualify their products as exclusive and designer watches and some of them prefer producing Replica Watches and of renowned brands. The look of the duplicate watches looks very genuine and it is very difficult for the customers to differentiate from the original watches.They make money by selling them at best deals and the rate is much lesser than the original watches.

Why are Replica Watches Sold More?

With the growing numbers of imitation watches in the market, it has become very difficult for the manufacturers to sell original ones. These duplicated models of watches are more preferred mainly because of its low price and when it is worn it cannot be identified by anyone as a replica.

However, it is best if you wish to go for lasting quality and for the brand to identify the real and genuine watch. The resale value of the designer watch is also high and its worth never depreciates. The performance of a designer watch is retained for a longer time than replica watches.

Physical features to Check

The physical features that need to be scrutinized to avoid buying replica watch are that the weight of the original watches is more than fake ones. The size of the watches faces and the marking on it also differ in fake watches in comparison to the original watches.

The screws provided on the bracelets of the original watches are authentic and they do not have pins that appear like screws. Replica watches are not provided with booklet and certificate like the original watches and even certificate of warranty is provided.

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