How to Take Care of Your Nonstick BBQ Grill Mats

Now we are going to have a peek at the top ways to care for your new bbq grill mat.
What exactly are they?
Granted, a grill mat does not seem like much, but appearances can be deceiving. It is really like using a costly skillet which you are able to roll up. That is basically what they are, but they are even better, as it’s possible to use both sides. Evidently, you cannot do this using a skillet. The BBQ grill mats need the exact same care as another luxury non cooking utensil. A chef’s cookware will still look new after years of usage and your mats will also, if you learn how to use them and keep them properly.

Step by step
First of all, eliminate them in the box and wash them thoroughly in soap and warm water to remove any production and packing residue. Never use abrasives of any sort after cleaning the mats. Keep away from scratch pads and powdered cleaners. Use only water, liquid soap and a soft fabric. After washing, rinse them well, and wash off the excess water using a dry cloth. Let them dry, until all moisture is gone from the surface. You are able to use your dishwasher if you like – grill mats are dishwasher-safe, but use the top rack only.
Use them properly
After washing and drying out your new bbq grill mat, you are nearly ready to put them to use. First however, you will want some special tools to utilize them effectively and not harm them. The methods used are a little different than those utilized when working directly on the grill.
Never use metal tools onto the mats. Whenever metal comes into contact with a non stick surface, it leaves scratches and all these add up over time and break down the integrity of the cooking surface. The best tools to use are a pair of silicone tipped pincers and a tough plastic spatula, so make sure you get these, before you start using the mats. You will see them at any shop that offers kitchen implements. You will also require a can of your favorite cooking oil spray.

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