Just keep open your eyes to protect your facebook account

You may have an experience regarding hacking something from online platform but have you any idea of hackers to hack a facebook account? Actually, when you go to your facebook page, then without your knowledge and ideas, some wrong people try to hackhack facebook password a facebook account and if you come in their knowledge, you will be captured in their technique. As a result of that, you will lose your personal information mentioned in the facebook. With the help of personal information taken from facebook account, the hackers try to do some wrong and illegal things which might be in your problem when you actually come to use the password for the facebook account. In that situation, you need to safe your facebook along with your personal information full of email password, banking details, PayPal password and many more important data.

Keep your eyes open
Whenever you go for facebook browsing, you need to open your eyes as most of the time hackers provide you a duplicate facebook domain instead of official website and as a result of that, when you enter into your facebook page putting your password and user name, then and there, the hackers become satisfied to hack a facebook account once more. So, when you go for facebook, just to be very alert in your doing especially in the time of putting password in the signing page. Apart from that, you should make a strong password with a combination of alpha and numeric characters having your eyes kept open.
Without accepting friend request
You should accept the friend request whenever you get it in your facebook without having any idea of the person who sends you request basically. Just try to recognize the person and then, you accept the request as your lovable one. Just take the right steps against to hack a facebook account.

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