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Lekto Wood Fuel – Logs for sale Efficient and sustainable.

Wood is the best natural fuel that exists. Unlike fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, diesel and others, wood is a renewable resource and has been the element of nature that since the beginning of man’s life on earth, has been used to produce fire.

From the ecological point of view, wood is a sustainable fuel while old trees are cut for the production of firewood, these same trees are replaced by new trees since they began talking about wood as a sustainable fuel option, their demand has increased.

Especially in countries where heating systems are used, wood remains the protagonist. In Europe, wood is the most used renewable fuel. In the United Kingdom, there is a company called Lekto Wood Fuels that sells high-quality wood fuels and whose products come from sustainable forests. Their services range from the sale of long and slow combustion bark briquettes (up to 8 hours), kiln dried logs, firewood lighters, among others, to the national delivery of the chosen products.

The heat log of their logs for sale indicate that their moisture content is less than 9%, so they heat up faster and at higher temperatures than traditional firewood, favoring heating systems to work more efficiently, which makes it much easier life especially at night. You will not have to get up in the middle of the night to watch the fire. Another advantage is that your hardwood heat logs produce little ash and by not adding chemicals during processing, you can use the ash as a fertilizer for your garden.

One of the objectives of the Lekto Wood Fuels is to make it easier for consumers to buy wood fuels thus, directly from the website of the company; the customer can acquire the products in a faster, practical and simple way and also receive them in the comfort of your home.

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