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Photos, Friends, Followers, freedom to buy instagram likes – What makes Instagram popular?

As you all might know by now, Instagram happens to be an iPhone app released in 2010. It wasn’t available initially for Android or BlackBerry users, but later in 2012, an Android version was released. It is basically a photo sharing app, and has the structure of that of widely popular social networking sites such as Facebook. It has also become an important media for business companies to market their products, by posting photos, videos and also by marketing schemes such as to buy instagram likes and followers and so on.

It became the most popular iPhone app 24 hours after release. It was also named the iPhone Application of the Week later on. So, what is the X-factor that made Instagram such a hit? The telling factor is its simplicity. It does not strive to be what other famous social networking sites already are. It has its own system, which is very fluid and is awfully easy to use.

All you need to do to be on Instagram, is to have an iPhone or an android phone. Then you’ll need to download the app, make an account for yourself and Voila! Instagram also follows the “followers” or “friends” pattern of interaction. On Instagram you need to “follow” people in order to view their activities and the photos they upload. You can “like” or “comment” on their photos as well. Similarly, people who follow you will also get to see your activity from time to time.

Instagram also provides a filtering system that enables users to apply special effects on their photos making even the dullest ones, pretty impressive to look at. Such simplicity paves the way for a positive interaction among people. Rarely will you see people bashing at each other or commenting ill on each other’s photos.

This has also given business companies a huge asset to practice their marketing techniques on. 3rd party websites are in existence who allows you to buy instagram likes or followers depending on your needs. What this does is, when companies upload a photo, they can use this method to have more likes and comments on their photos, which quite naturally instigate people into looking them up. Such is the marketing world.

So be it the unique setting of sharing photos or the freedom to buy instagram likes to set off your business in the right direction, Instagram has proven to be one of the top contenders for being the best social networking site out there. And why wouldn’t it? They deserve the credit. Once you become a part of the community, you will see it for yourself. Currently, Instagram happens to be one of the friendliest communities online. click here to get more information

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