Pop Music – Turn It Off And Leave It Off

I believe music was going downhill for quite a while now, probably because the 80’s when dance music occurred. Then again, it might have started from the 70’s with punk where childhood simply wanted to get up on stage to produce a statement. Or, it might have started much earlier. Nevertheless, when it started is not actually the point. The purpose is that music has been on a downhill slide for quite a while now and Kpop music is certainly the worst of the worst.

I think musicians (and I use that phrase loosely) now believe, “Why waste my time learning how to play an instrument once I do not have to.” So instead, they go play “Guitar Hero” instead of really learning how to play guitar…for real.
If some of those “artists” are being productive, it is not controlling their craft. It is mastering the art of marketing music. The majority of the work is creating their MySpace page and getting it all “pimped out” so that the band looks trendy. The music will work itself out…somehow.
In years past the sole marketing a band could do was handing out a lot of flyers for their second series. Following that, the band had no choice but to go back to their own garage and exercise their scales. With all this practice, a few of those musicians (see I did not put quotes around it now) really got good. They became legends among their fans for their ability in playing their instrument. The way they looked or who they obsolete wasn’t spoken about or cared for. The fans simply needed good music.
However, do fans actually expect good music from their favourite bands nowadays? I guess they still do…to a certain level. But I no longer hear anybody talking about just how amazing this guitar player is or the wonderful items that drummer can perform. I really don’t hear about the Eddie Van Halens or the Neil Pearts anymore in popular music. Hmm…wonder why?

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