Smoking is not harmful anymore with Twisty Glass Blunt

You are tired of rolling paper wrap cigarettes…. So never buy a wraps in future. Smoking ways has changed now with this Twisty Glass Blunt clear tube pipe. If you like smoking and also want that it doesn’t affect your health than you should buy this. If you are looking for pure and healthy form of smoking and this glass blunt will be your best friend.

Rolling paper are wasteful, finicky and a bit of nuisance to always buying. And burnt paper effect your lungs and throat. Smoking is not at all good for your health. But now the smoke game has changed with this twisty glass blunt. Anyone can use this as it is easy to carry and get mastered in it.
You just need to fill the glass with your favorite herbs or weed into the chamber and always make sure the bud wraps around the screw with twist. It can store up to 1.5grams at a time. This twisty shape of glass blunt doubles the length of the smoke route from blunt to mouth. This blunt can burnt for several hours because of its infinite cherry technology and you can smoke this blunt by itself. And don’t just over pack the chamber as a fire need oxygen to stay alive.
With this twisted glass blunt you will get a new bowl which gives you fresh hits or puffs all the day. And once you decided to get this glass blunt for you than you can check all the related things or tips to through online, websites, and blogs. On purchase of this blunt you will get these things with the pack:
• One twisted Glass Blunt
• Two rubber caps
• One cleaning brush
• Microfiber bag
• O ring

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