Surrogacy usa, a new opportunity to be parents

Ilaya, a medical company based in Valencia, Spain, was created in 2011 by a group of genetic scientists to help couples fulfill that special dream of becoming a parent. The idea arose after noting that in several European countries couples are only allowed to perform 3 in vitro fertilization procedures and no more. For this reason and with its motto “New possibilities for life” in Ilaya, they committed themselves to renewing the lives of their patients.

Its maternity services have been so successful that they allowed her to transcend borders and create her subrogation program in the USA, in association with a clinic in California, a state that respects the practice of surrogacy usa. The California law on this subject does not apply any restriction depending on the marital status or sexual orientation of the parents of intent. It is accessible for single people or homosexual couples. In addition, the program offers interested parties to pay half the price they would normally pay for this procedure in the United States.

The procedure is carried out by a medical team with extensive experience and highly qualified. Surrogate pregnant women are carefully chosen according to strict medical and psychological tests. In addition, before implanting the embryo, a PGD test or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is performed to detect genetic diseases and abnormalities, also used to determine the sex of the baby.

In Ilaya they assume full responsibility for the well-being of the pregnant mother, ensuring all the necessary medical attention throughout the pregnancy. Accommodation and living expenses are also covered.

The legal parents of the baby are determined through an internationally valid court order issued before the birth and their names will appear on the birth certificate.

Each couple is assigned an advisor who will help in everything they need during the process of surrogacy usa. The facilities are excellent, equipped with the latest technology and payment plans are designed according to the particular needs of each patient.

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