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Why use Instagram for its business?

Instagram is a mobile application that allows taking, sharing and consultation with the Vintage photo effect is made through different filters available. If the popularity of Instagram has evolved considerably since its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, with 100 million users (October 2012) and a more trendy and creative community, the social network could become essential even for business!

How to succeed? Developments Instagram? Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram for professional use!
First, at a time when the marketing content is king, it is now essential to provide each user as a single interlocutor. Choose Instagram likes to help you humanize your campaigns and even if you are a small business. This tool based primarily on the image, you will:

1. to gain notoriety with a different target, more qualitative, creative, trend and create a community around your brand and your products using quality photos, exclusive photos that say more about your business, hash tags relevant and geo-locating your photos.

2. Increase your sales: we’re still in the beginnings of success about it on this social network but with a little creativity, it is quite possible to see an instagramer unite itself more directly to your customers and point of sale!

3. Example: This New York restaurant has chosen to put his menu on Instagram to buy instagram likes allowing each customer to see the beautiful pictures of its dishes with a hashtag

4. Promote an event: thanks to geo-location and responsiveness of this social network, you can communicate in real time on your event and solicit users themselves post their photos. Upstream, you can inform your community of your event a fun and using this time the text in your photos:

5. Example: This Cannes ephemeral club chose a countdown to announce its opening to the Film Festival. Click here to know more.

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Video production London: any kind of service you ask for

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