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The Maze – Innovation in Science Fiction Movies & Video Games

Ever since internet came in existence, electronic video game genre got a boost. Many video games have been released and most of them became popular in a short span of time. Many games were influenced by action or war movies which introduced the concept of action games, the most preferred in video game series. Video games are favorite of all ages, especially present generation and its development is unceased due to ever growing demand. Maze games is the innovative genre in video gaming which can be played on computers.

The concept of maze
the maze is a new trend from maze movies to maze games. The group are core characters of the books and movies. Gladers is a term created by Group A or maze during spending two years in the Glade. There are two groups or mazes which have been described in the books as giant labyrinths identical in designs and divided into eight sections surrounding the Glade, the area in the center of the Maze that serves as an existing place for the Gladers. Glade has a changing pattern and the Walls of the maze is altered every night. The pattern is the code which is repeated every month. The books have keywords for codes, designed by the walls at the rate of one letter per day.
Depiction of maze
The depiction of maze in movies is not secretive as real sky and sun are depicted. The Gladers face rains, storms, sunshine, cold, and other fluctuations in weather. The code is its opening sequence. For instance, 68142537 code represents eight sections of the wall. The Griever Hole is a secret invisible entrance/exit which does not exists and Gladers have to find this place to escape through maze. The Maze Runner is a science fiction movie based on a novel published in 2009 in the Maze Runner series. The maze game is based on the same concept.

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