The Potential Of IPTV

IPTV technology has up to now enjoyed a period of continuous development and enhancement. Part of that which fueled that driveway to move forward would be your urge to triumph in the world economic competition for consumer electronics. However, a couple of pieces of the developed technology in IPTV were also motivated by a simple desire to generate entertainment better for our contemporary society.

What about the developments for IPTV later on then? We cannot really see exactly what IPTV would look like in the long run, but growing technologies now may provide us a glimpse of exactly what near-future IPTV might seem like.


It was thoroughly discussed before in an earlier article, but allows me to reiterate a number of its significant future points here. OLED IPTV is the ideal candidate screen technology which we have that may certainly surpass the performance capacity of any other screen technology that we’ve. The one thing which truly hinders it’s the production process and its comparatively shorter service life.

Continuous research now has called in for the improvement of blue OLEDs. Thus far, researchers have been very successful in progressively raising its service life utilizing a huge array of methods and material options. Price is also called to go progressively reduced in the long run, as manufacturers find a way to mass produce the OLED substrate quickly in huge amounts. We can forecast that OLED IPTV may be affordable enough for the average customer at another 5-10 years.

4K Resolution IPTV

The clearest screen resolution that we have today is 1080p. Despite displays as big as 60-inches, this type of resolution nonetheless brings us quite detailed graphics, allowing us to observe images around the final grain. It’s been predicted that the tendency for 1080p IPTV would still continue for a couple more years, before at least the development of low price 4k resolution screens.

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