The situation of the global economy

For all the people who have not studied economics all that well, the basic definition of an economy is, ‘the system that provides people means to work and earn a living.’ As we all know that the global population is increasing by the day, which makes the resources that we have even more scarce, which creates a situation of excess demand that increases the price of it. When the prices of products start to increase a situation of inflation is created. All these words are needed to be known by everyone because these are applicable to each and every country.

With the way things are going right now it is very tough to say if the global economy is in a good state or a bad one. You have to understand that economy is dependent upon a lot of things. Factors such as government policies, the investment markets and a lot more things make up the economy. Global economy in today’s time is very fragile. The reason behind it is that the powerful countries are changing their policies frequently that are causing a change in a lot of things which is not always good from an economy point of view.
Also, the investment market is soaring high with crypto currency globally and that is why you must have heard terms such as crypto code, ethereum code, qprofit system , bitcoin and a lot of things. As we all know that the market runs on sentiments and that is why when the share market of one country falls you can visibly see the result of it in the other country. Now that communication has become so easy, news and rumours travel faster than ever. So the global economy is kind of struggling right now to stabilize itself and become safe.

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