Types of Poker games

To play gambling, strategy and skill is very important. There are many poker games available. Here are listed few below.

Texas Hold’em Poker – In this game, 52 cards will be shuffled while distributing the cards to the players. Each player will get two hole cards with face down and five faces up cards.

Poker 99 Online – poker 99 online is the most played game in Indonesia. You can play this came by visiting the agen poker website and by login and deposit the fund. Poker 99 online is an easiest game to start with.

Omaha – In this, player receives four hole cards but they have to use two hole cards and they will get five community cards.

Razz – It is the form of stud poker game. The winner will be who has the lowest hands.

Five card draw – The game starts with five cards face down and the player can draw a card from the deck and they can replace their card with the same number.

Omaha hi-lo 8 – In this to win, player should score low hand between 8-7-6-5-4. There will be many split pots but the whole pot will be won by one player.

2-7 triple draw -It is called as ‘deuce to seven. In this game, the player can draw three times. The winner should score low like 7-5-4-3-2.

Horse Poker – Each letter of this game will tell different variants, H is Texas Holdem, O is Omaha Hi-Lo, R is Razz, S is Seven Card Stud and finally E is Seven card stud Eight or Omaha Hi-Lo 8.

Badugi – It is like triple draw and lowball games. This is same as betting cards but the player will get four cards to play.

People can enjoy different types of poker 99 online by using many websites. But beware of the cheaters before choosing any game.

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