Vaping Vs. Smoking: What’s The Difference?

As we have touched on in previous blog posts, e cigs are growing at an astounding speed in popularity. With this newfound popularity comes the need and questions to clarify several facts that were significant. As many people would attest to, the best method to motivate individuals to make the switch from smokes that are conventional to e cigs is by summarizing the advantages of e cigs. With this, it’s helpful to make the differentiation between ‘smoking’ and ‘vaping’, the latter of which is understood to be the action of inhaling water vapor through an e cigarette. Once the user inhales or draws on the unit, the battery heats the cheap eliquid up — or e-juice — before atomizing it into an inhalable vapor. The vapor is then not inhale, creating a cloud that is nearly odorless.

Beyond the disagreeable stench of tobacco cigarette smoke vs. the generally nice odors connected with vaping, there are a few other significant differences to address. We are going to go over some of these differences under, along with a couple of of the main advantages of smoking e cigarettes over conventional smokes. As a top on-line e-juice retailer, we’ve made it a point to not only offers our customers the best quality products in the marketplace, but to make an effort to teach interested people about e cigs. We recognize this is a comparatively new theory that a lot of people are still getting used to, which is why we have been doing our best to summarize the top advantages of e cigs along with other info that is important.

Smoking vs. Vaping: The Chemicals E-cigs are thus continuing to be examined attentively and continue to be a pretty new concept. Nevertheless, there exists a lot we do understand up to now. For starters, the list of compounds and substances used in e cig vapors compared to that of conventional smokes are not maximal.

E cigs use the substances that are following within their vapors:

Nicotine Propylene glycol (PG) — A nontoxic substance used in asthma inhalers and nebulizers Vegetable glycerin (VG) — A low-toxicity compound used in medicines, cosmetic, and food items all premium e-juices use some mixture of PG and VG, which changes according to the planned encounter. The substantial bulk of e-juice is PG-established, meaning it creates a throat that is great is the sweeter of both and hit. VG is a thick, heavy, sweet-tasting cheap eliquid that creates big clouds of vapor. For more information please feel free to browse our on-line collection now or contact us.

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