Why do boys of all age are so obsessed with playinggames (العاب)?

Boys are naturally more violent and volatile than the girls. Almost all the boys like the action, fighting, and racing. It is seen that the boys of all age like to play games and wants to spend their all free spend in playing Games (العاب). So, what is the reason for this obsession with playing games? There are many reasons for that, these games provide them the outlet to their violent urges. In these games, one can fight, hurt and kill and no real harm is done to anyone. These action games are a good source of getting out the frustrations from all the worries and hectic routines which are the permanent part of the once life.

The guys also like to play games (العاب) because in these games one can do one want without any expanse and effort. Different guys have different preferences in the choice of the games. Some like the fighting games in which they can test all their fighting skills without any worry of getting hurt in the process. Some like the action games and war games through which they can lead their own armies, fought the wars and enjoy the thrill, excitation and anxiety of the planning, attacking and winning of the war and battles. Some of the build-up games allow the players to build up their own farms, buildings, houses, and kingdoms according to their desires. Some people like the management games, in which the managing skills of the players are tested and sharpened by the using the different scenarios and settings in the various games.

These are different types of online games (العاب) for the boys and men are available which are made according to the interests of the men that catch their attention and one cannot let go of that game easily because they want the full concentration and focus of its players.

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