Why ear protection is a must for paintball?

If you play paintball, even just for fun, you must know that protecting your ears is vital. Trust us when we say that it is extremely painful to get hit in the ear, especially in the ear lobe, by a paint ball travelling at high velocity. It will sting for hours or even days.

The best paintball mask out there will protect not just your ear, but your neck as well. Protecting your neck and the spinal column underneath your neck is another important safety element that you must pay attention to.

Every time we see paintball players without even a mask, we talk to them about the importance of covering the eyes, ears and neck.

A paintball mask offers other benefits besides safety as well. If you play in brightly lit paintball arenas or in broad daylight, the sun’s glare, depending on when you play, can be a huge issue. This of course is not a problem when you have a paintball mask with no glare lenses. Such lenses will cut out the glare while retaining high brightness, allowing you to take a great shot even while you are directly looking towards the low sun.

Paintball masks cost as little as $20 and go as high as $200. The low end ones will protect your face without much protection for the ears and neck while the higher priced ones come with adjustable full face protection, anti-glare lenses, anti-scratch lenses and anti-fog lenses, giving you a great mix of performance and comfort.

After a paintball gun, a paintball mask is the next accessory that you need to buy. We suggest you save up as much money as you can to buy the best paintball mask out there that you can afford. It will be a great investment that will protect your head for several years and let you enjoy the fun sport that is paintball!

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