Why excessive drinking is bad for your body

These days many people drink alcohol, and they also enjoy drinking without having any problem. But excessive drinking or binge drinking for a long time can generate serious problems in your body. It not only creates problems in your body but it also adversely affects your social and personal life. Over drinking may lead to crime, violence, drink driving, accidents and other criminal activities occur due to this. It is very dangerous to take alcohol in a large amount as mention above, but some adults do not know how it affects their body. In this article, all the health related problems are discussed very clearly.

Some effects of excessive drinking:
Drinking alcohol in large quantity creates two types of problems in your body like it generates short term or long terms problems. In the short term effects, it produces problems like vomiting, nausea and long term problems are discussed below.
Brain damage- binge drinking can generate memory loss, blackouts, and anxiety. Long term alcohol drinking consequence in serious mental and health related problems, permanent brain damage or alcoholism. It adversely affects your brain parts; it also affects your behavior and also the ability to remember and learn.
Cancers- cancer is the most dangerous problem, too much alcohol drinking leads to the risk of cancers of your throat and mouth. It also creates liver cancer which is not cured easily and sometimes it may lead to death.
Circulation and heart- drinking alcohol can cause many heart problems; it weakens your heart muscles. This may create problem to your brain, lungs and other parts of your body.
Lungs- people who take excessive alcohol have lungs infections, and later they suffer from the lungs collapsed.
Stomach- drinking also cause ulcers, cancer, internal bleeding in your stomach.
Thus, excessive drinking can cause all above mention effects in your body.

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